UK Nationals Living in France – Latest Residency Update 21/08/19

If you’re an expat living in France and wish to remain there post-Brexit, here are a few pieces of information you should know from the UK government website:

Brexit is due to take place on 31st October 2019. After this date, you will be required to obtain a new type of residence permit according to your situation. UK nationals who have already applied and are waiting for French nationality and UK nationals who are married or in a civil partnership to French nationals will also need to get the new type of permit.

What will make a real difference is whether the UK will leave the EU with a deal or with a no-deal Brexit.

If a deal is negotiated, UK nationals living in France will have until at least until the middle of 2021 to apply for the new card. However, in a no-deal situation, they will be given a grace period of one year to obtain the residence card which must be applied for within the first six months (from day one of Brexit). Whether or not you already have a European ‘carte de séjour’ (residence permit), you will still need to apply for the new residence card.

If there is no deal, the type of card that you get will depend on your personal situation. The categories, which have been specified by France already, are as follows:

  • UK nationals who have been living in France for five years or more
  • UK nationals who have been living in France for less than five years and fall under one of the below categories:
  • a salaried worker with a Contrat à Durée Indéterminée (CDI)
  • a salaried worker with a Contrat à Durée Déterminée (CDD)
  • self- employed
  • during the last year have either graduated in France or worked for at least three months and are now looking for work or creating a business
  • students
  • family members of UK nationals who qualify for one of the above categories
  • UK nationals who have been living in France for less than five years but do not fulfil any of the above categories

If there is no-deal Brexit, an application for a residence card will cost €119 according to the information published on the UK government website. UK nationals who hold a permanent ‘carte de séjour’ and who have lived in France for at least five years will be able to exchange their card for the new card with fewer formalities.

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