Things to do before you leave the UK to live in France.

In all the excitement of moving to France, it’s easy to forget something important. So here’s a list of some of the things you should do before leaving the UK

A Checklist

Get form P85 from Revenue and Customs, fill it in and return it. It notifies the tax authorities that you are leaving the country and helps ensure that you’ll be taxed appropriately

  1.  Make yourself informed about your short-term eligibility for medical care and social security benefits. In France, your eligibility should be the same as that of local citizens. If you’re going to live in France long-term you must integrate with the France social insurance system, and top up with private health insurance. You should then return your British EHIC card and apply for a new one (Carte Vitale) in France.
  2.  Set up a mail redirection at the Post Office if you know where you’ll be living in France.
  3.  Let your local GP and dentist know you are leaving. Some medical practitioners send appointment letters without requiring confirmation these days, and you won’t be there to call it off. You don’t want to waste the time of these much in-demand medical professionals.
  4.  Request a State pension forecast: if you’re going to live in France long-term or forever and may not return to the UK before you become eligible for your pension. Also, notify the Pension Service of your new address so they’ll know how to contact you.
  5.  Notify your personal or company pension trustees of your new address.
  6.  You can keep your UK investments in the UK, but they will now be taxable in France. Let them know your new address.
  7.  Speak to one of our advisers if you would like to know how about your UK pension(s) will be treated in France and the tax efficient alternatives for your savings/investments as a French tax resident.
  8.  Let your utility providers know you’re leaving, and ask for a final bill.
  9.  Ask for several removal quotes.
  10.  If you’re keeping your home in Britain and renting it out, you should also let your insurance company know. Your existing policy may not cover the rental of the home. If you’re still paying a mortgage on the property, you should also let your mortgage provider know. Your UK rental Income will remain taxable in the UK, but has to be declared on your French tax return (but as there is a dual tax arrangement between the UK and France, it won’t be taxed twice).
  11.  Make a Will. If you already have one, also lodge the same with a Notaire in France (and make sure that both the Wills are the same). If your circumstances have changed since your last Will, then update it.
  12.  Let the local authority know you’ll be leaving and give them your new address so they can send you your Council Tax bill. You don’t want to leave with unknown debts.
    Then arrive in France, and sit back and enjoy the real reason that you’ve completed all of the above!!

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