(Provisional) French 2021 Tax Rates

The provisional bands and rates for 2021 for 2020 household income are below and are subject to parliamentary approval in December 2020.

The income levels in each band will increase by 0.2% for inflation, but for two bands the maximum income figure has been reduced as a result of the reduction in the rate of the second band from 14% to 11%.

Income Share  Tax Rate
Up to €10,084 0%
Between €10,085 – €25,710 11%
Between €25,711 – €73,516 30%
Between €73,517 – €158,122 41%
Above €158,122 45%

The rates are applied on a fractional basis so that each household ‘part’ of the income is charged progressively, for example, if a couple have net household income of €30,000 in 2020 there are two ‘parts’ of €15,000, with each part taxed using the scale rates.

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