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Bem vindo a Portugal

Welcome to Portugal.  Whether you still have assets and income in the UK, or are starting afresh in Portugal, Beacon Global Wealth Management will guide you through the unique Portugese tax framework and ensure your assets are invested wisely and your income or pension are tax efficient.  

Portugal is renowned as a wonderful holiday destination with a great climate, history, food and many attractions throughout the country.

 Increasingly over the last few years people have chosen to relocate there and to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful country.

 If that is what you are looking for or you are already in Portugal then taxation, investment and pension matters between Portugal and your home country will be very different and it is important that you get this all sorted so that you can enjoy your new life.

 The NON – HABITUAL TAX RESIDENCY regime has been highlighted in many places and in many journals and publications but we will set out to explain this for you along with the other pertinent things in planning your life and in particular, your financial wellbeing in Portugal.

What We Offer

We’ve been providing independent financial advice to expats for a number of years. Our consultants are trained and qualified in the UK and understand both the UK and Portugese fiscal systems. We’re bilingual but all of the paperwork we send you will be in English.

We believe that every expat deserves really good but affordable financial advice. But our mission isn’t just to provide that advice. It’s to provide it in a way that’s clear and easy to understand and to be your long term, supportive and trusted advisor. We want to help you enjoy your life as an expat, in the knowledge your future’s secure.

We’re a relatively small, but very experienced team. We’re expats ourselves so we understand what it’s like living abroad and pride ourselves on being supportive and friendly. As you find your feet in your new cultural environment, our aim is to make the financial side as uncomplicated as possible. And to be there, at the end of the phone if or when you need us.

  • Pensions and Retirement Planning 80% 80%
  • Inheritance and Estate Advice 45% 45%
  • Effective Investments 95% 95%

How We Work

Getting to know you

Before you engage us, we’ll get to know you to make sure we’re a good fit. Then we’ll send you an interim letter setting out your situation and what you want or need to achieve.

Working together

Once you’re happy that we’re right for you, we’ll provide our recommendations and implement them for you. But there’s never any pressure from us to proceed – that’s just not our style.

Long term support to keep you on track

We’ll keep an eye on your investments and finances for you to make sure you stay on track, and we’ll provide you with regular statements and an annual review.

Meet the Team

David Vacani

David Vacani


David has worked in the Financial Services sector since 1987 running large investment portfolios & looking after high net worth clients.

Jennie Harris-Poate

Jennie Harris-Poate

Independent Financial Advisor

Jennie has been providing specialist advice to ex-pats for over 10 years. She is currently also undertaking her UK chartered diploma & lives in France.

+33 634 119 518

+44 333 241 6966

skype: JenniePoate

Paul Flintham

Paul Flintham

Independent Financial Advisor

Paul has been advising people who live overseas since 1997. With his huge range of experience, he fully understands the challenges involved in financial planning when living in, or moving to, a new country

+33 6 24 96 27 51

Chris Marson

Chris Marson

Independent Financial Advisor

Chris has worked in the Financial Services sector since 1987 working on cross border planning and looking after high net worth clients and their specific needs.

Skype - chris.marson2

John Mather

John Mather

Independent Financial Advisor

John was originally a scientist with IBM Research but changed to giving financial advice in 1973.

He is a member of the International Business Structuring Association. John lives in Funchal Madeira and provides advice for our Portuguese clients

+351 934 574 831


Richard Alexander

Richard Alexander

Independent Financial Advisor

Having first joined the industry as an adviser in 1975, Richard had 9 years working for insurance companies before establishing his own IFA business in the UK in 1984.

He has joined Beacon Global Wealth Management with a view to maintaining and growing those EU client relationships whilst continuing with the business in the UK for all other clients.

Susan Worthington

Susan Worthington

Independent Financial Advisor

Susan joined Beacon Global Wealth Management from her home in Mallorca, Spain, where she has been giving advice to expatriates in the Balearic Islands since 1987.

Her investment approach is straightforward and sound, always aimed at the best possible outcome for clients’ financial security and peace of mind.

Mob: +34 670 308987


Barry Alexander-Honeyman

Barry Alexander-Honeyman

Independent Financial Advisor

Barry brings over 2 decades of experience in Financial Markets and has a strong corporate background having worked with some of the worlds largest international financial providers such as Prudential, Old Mutual Int and Praemium. 

Barry’s knowledge of the International Financial planning space, combined with his Executive Coaching expertise can offer clients' a proactive, collaborative approach to their financial planning and business development needs.


Jane Inkster

Jane Inkster


Jane is the hub of all things administration for Beacon and has been with the company almost since inception. Based in our UK office in Guildford she heads up a team of office based staff whose responsibility is to make sure clients’ policies are kept running smoothly and assisting all of the consultants. With an IT background she has vast experience in European financial services.

Edyta Slys

Edyta Slys

Paraplanner and Adviser

Edyta arrived in the UK upon finishing her Masters degree at the Wroclaw University in economics in Poland.

Having joined Beacon in October 2017 as an administrator as soon as she started she knew that financial advising would be her career path.

After completion of CISI Level 4 Diploma in Investment Advice in July 2020, Edyta has been involved in client paraplanning and recently has been moved into work with clients, servicing and reviews.

Why she loves working for Beacon:

“After the last few years when market conditions have drastically changed the company maintains its good reputation and most of our clients come by referrals and word of mouth.

Being a Financial Adviser means you approach each client individually; taking holistic views of their financial situation and regularly updating them on current issues and opportunities.

Each client is different and every day brings something new, this job can never become monotonous"

Hazel Matthews

Hazel Matthews


Hazel has been with Beacon over two years. She comes with many years experience of senior administration positions working with and supporting people in service industries at all levels.

UK based, she is providing additional administration support to our team, speaks two languages and can even fly an aeroplane!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that choosing the right financial advisor is important and we believe that to be a successful partnership, we need to be a good fit. If you have any questions that aren’t covered below, or just want to talk to us to get a better idea of what we’re all about, please get in touch.

We’ll always spend time getting to know and understand you before we work together. We don’t believe in providing one size fits all packages (because they don’t) and all our recommendations are made specifically for you and your unique circumstances.

Where are your advisors based?

Our financial advisors are based across Europe. But don’t worry, we’ll identify the nearest and best advisor for you and arrange for you to meet or to have a consultation via Skype.

Are you regulated?

We are regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Insurance Companies Control Service (ICCS) in Cyprus and, the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar. This means that the investment advice we give is carefully controlled to minimise the risk to you.

Are you accountants and can you do my tax return

No, we’re not accountants and so no we can’t. But we do have a network of other specialist professionals who we work with and who we have vetted, so we can recommend an accountant if you need one.

What happens if I decide I don’t want to work with you?

That’s fine, not everyone is a perfect match. We never put people under pressure or time constraints as we want our clients to be happy to work with us and to trust us.

How much do you charge?

Our fees are transparent and will always be explained to you before we work together. We have several ways we receive payments for our services:

1. Fee based: an hourly rate charged for bespoke work.

2. A fee based as a percentage of the amount invested. This is either taken directly from your investment or you can pay us directly. We will always indicate how much this will be in our full report provided to you.

3. A fee paid to us directly from the company we have recommended. Rest assured we will recommend exactly the right product and company for you, and how much we get paid is not a priority for us, YOU ARE. We always disclose how much we receive and it is directly related to the amount of work involved.

PortugalOther Tax Matters

Wealth taxes

Portugal does not have wealth taxes. Only local taxes on Portuguese real estate apply (as described below).

Acquisition of property

Portugal levies a municipal tax on the acquisition of Portuguese properties at rates up to 7.5%. Stamp tax duty at 0.8% is also due on the same amount.

Annual property tax

Portugal levies an annual municipal tax based on the registered value of Portuguese real estate at rates between 0.3% and 0.45% (depending on the municipality and the type of real estate). 

Additional Property Tax will also be levied at a rate between 0.7% and 1.5% on properties with registered tax value equal or higher than €600,000. Note: rates may be higher depending on several factors (type of property, type of owner, etc).

Inheritance tax

Stamp Duty is levied at a 10% rate on Portuguese assets only except for spouses, descendants and ascendants, who are exempt.

Gift tax

Stamp Duty is levied on gifts located in Portugal at a 10% rate except for spouses, descendants and ascendants, who are exempt. An additional rate of 0.8% is due on gifts of real estate.

Portugal Non-Habitual Tax Regime

Portugal Non-Habitual Tax Regime

Background and Taxation Summary This summary provides an initial overview and explains the main guidelines and possible implications of the non-habitual resident (“NHR”) regime for foreigners and Portuguese individuals settling in Portugal after an...

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Statutory Residence Test Portugal

Statutory Residence Test Portugal

If you are planning on moving to Portugal and you are leaving from the UK, then it is most sensible to ensure you leave the UK properly. This means you should take note of the Statutory Residence test rules.  What's new in Statutory Residence Test?...

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Leggett has been very happy with the advice provided by Jennie Poate and Beacon to our clients and agents. As a family firm, being able to recommend trusted and professional advisors is vitally important to us

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