Minimum Income Requirements to be resident in France

Up until now, British passport holders have been able to live in France and elsewhere in Europe with no Visa and no formal requirement to prove they have the means to live here.

This is all likely to change with the UK leaving the EU.

Current guidelines state that there are certain levels of income required to prove that you have sufficient capacity to support yourself and there have been a number of documented cases of those who fall below the requirement. Further information on exact figures can be at

Proving those levels of income can be difficult for those who are newly arrived or planning an imminent move especially when income is low but assets may be high, especially when life changes are taking place both personally and financially.

We have noticed that some ‘preféctures’ are not taking into account liquid assets such as UK pensions and investments as they are not yet income producing. Further if you have been using a UK advisor to ‘tidy’ everything up before you make the move; they are unlikely to have sufficient knowledge or be regulated to provide the correct advice.

Being able to look at French or International products with a correctly regulated and Independent Adviser will help you assess what you need to achieve income wise to enjoy your life in France; whether you are working, self employed or retired.

You can then make sure your investments and pensions are in the right place to satisfy the requirements to receive your CDS or ‘Carte de Séjour’’ without stress or delay.

It is important to use an independent advisor rather than someone who offers tied or restricted advice as this means you will receive full advice based on the whole of the marketplace with plans that suit you and your unique circumstances.

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