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FEIFA (Federation of European IFAs) has reorganised its Board, with David Vacani becoming the  new FEIFA Chairman. 

At the Federation’s recent AGM, the Board roles came up for election, or re-election, based on the  three-year cycle within its Constitution.  

All existing Board Members were re-elected. The existing Chairman, John Westwood had decided to  stand down from the role but remains on the Board and David Vacani moves from his Director role to  the Chairman’s position. 

Chris Marriott remains as Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, and Jason O’Connell as Secretary. Paul Stanfield has also been retained as CEO. 

“I would personally like to thank John for his work and input over the last few years in the Chairman’s  role – and, of course, to thank Chris and Jason too, for their continued work on behalf of FEIFA,”  Stanfield stated. “I would obviously also like to say thank you to David for his past work and wish him  all the best in his new role.” 

Given the continuity on the Board, Stanfield expects it will be pretty much “business as usual” for the  next 3 year-term. 

David Vacani is the owner and Managing Director of Beacon Global Wealth who work throughout  Europe assisting clients with their investment, pension and financial planning needs. Beacon was  established in 2012 and in recent years has been increasing its international footprint with holistic  growth. 

He has worked for clients across the Continent since 2003 and has significant expertise in cross-border  financial planning. 

FEIFA member companies advise on cumulative assets in excess of €10 billion. They are English speaking advisory businesses, active across Europe. 

The Federation is a non-profit trade association and has partnerships with a wide range of  companies, including all of the relevant international life companies, major asset managers, and key  international pension and trust companies.