Rent $800 to $1,500 €712 to €1,335 £632 to £1,185
Electricity $100 €89 £79
Groceries (incl. wine) $600 €534 £474
Landline rental fee (excluding call costs) $60 €53.40 £47.40
Gas for heating/stove $60 €53.40 £47.40
Internet $40 €35.60 £31.60
Transportation (car maintenance plus diesel/petrol) $175 €155.75 £138.25
Cellphone plan (excl. phone handset itself) $30 €26.70 £23.70
Regular purchases of coffee/croissants/baguettes $80 €71.20 £63.20
Tax fonciere/d’habitation $50-100 €44.50 to €89 £39.50 to £79
Health insurance top up full health cover for two based on aged 55 and healthy $1200 €1,068 £948
Lunch for two with wine five times a month $200 €178 £158
Monthly Total $3395 to $4145 €3,022 to €3,689 £2,682 to £3,275

We are often asked as advisors how much it costs to live in France, especially when comparing to other countries. Part of it is how long is a piece of string?

I once met someone who couldn’t possibly do without €5000 pm clothes allowance and friends who live on less than €1000 pm. The cost above is based on a couple.

So much of it depends on the area in which you live. One towns cost of living may be vastly different to the next.

Do you have a pool?

Do you have a lot of land?

Do you have Gites?

Is the property in Cannes or Caen?

Is it in the Alps or the Limousin?

Do you rely on oil/gas heating in a colder area (expect €2000 pa in costs)

The budget above is based on a rental rather than purchase. So, if you owned your own property and had healthcare provided through the French state rather than privately these costs could be less than €1500pm.

If you go back to your country of origin on a regular basis or have a thirst for travel then costs are higher.

The above is a good indication and a great starting point but each situation is different.

We at Beacon can help you plan towards your life in France by looking at the savings and pensions you have so that you are making the very most of your assets when you move/live in France. You will then have comfort that everything is in the right place and there are no nasty surprises later on tax wise.

If you would like further details or to have a confidential discussion about your own personal situation, then please do not hesitate to contact us

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