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About us
The team at Beacon Global Wealth Management has decades of experience providing advice to clients across Europe and beyond. Formed in 2012 by David Vacani, the mission was to provide expats and internationally mobile clients with expert advice and guidance to support their wealth planning needs as their personal circumstances evolved. We know that life can be complicated when you’re living abroad. We take the anxiety out of cross-border finances and help clients enjoy life overseas. We take time to understand then we provide specialist financial advice about pensions, investments, and inheritance planning.

An introduction to our Investment Partner, LGT Wealth Management US
LGT Wealth Management US is a specialist subsidiary of wealth management firm LGT Wealth Management UK LLP, set up specifically to help clients with financial interests in both the US and the UK to overcome the jurisdictional constraints of managing their wealth across the Atlantic.
LGT believes that a global perspective is the best way to achieve a client’s goals; an approach we adopt wherever our clients reside. Their focus is on ensuring we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations whatever they are. This defines their firm’s culture and strategy. LGT is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and a Registered Investment Adviser with the Securities & Exchange Commission in the US.

Why have we chosen to partner with LGT?
We know that there is no typical client. Every person is unique, and LGT are committed to delivering a personalised service to match. We work with them to tailor a bespoke solution across multiple currencies and jurisdictions. They believe that great results come from working in close partnership with us, your financial adviser, to deliver a cohesive and holistic service that you can trust, as well as benefitting from their own network of professional contacts who can assist you should you require further advice.
LGT have a deep understanding of the specific requirements for US connected clients and can therefore provide you with the security that your investment portfolio is compliant and protected. They ensure that your investments are not burdened by US tax limitations wherever you reside, providing access to international financial markets.

Challenges to consider if you are a US-connected client

  •  US citizens, Green Card holders and residents are faced with challenges when making investment decisions as they are taxed on a worldwide basis, regardless of where income and gains arise.
  •  This can result in negative tax consequences if portfolios are not structured carefully in a risk-managed, currency-sensitive and tax-compliant manner.
  •  This taxation impacts financial planning and investment strategy.
  •  Even ongoing tax compliance can be a challenge; UK tax incentives often do not work in the US and vice versa.

Why are we using a discretionary management service?

When using a discretionary management service, your investment decisions are delegated to a discretionary manager who will manage your investments on your behalf through either a bespoke or model portfolio. The discretionary manager we recommend for your portfolio, in line with your overall investment strategy and financial objectives, is LGT.
Acting as a discretionary manager, LGT has the authority to make the appropriate buy and sell decisions in your investment portfolio. The term “discretionary” refers to LGT having the responsibility to make investment decisions regarding your portfolio, based on their view of market conditions, along with your appetite to risk and investment objectives.

The advantages of choosing LGT as your Discretionary Fund Manager

By working with LGT as your Discretionary Fund Manager, we can:

  • Plan effectively for your future by setting and agreeing realistic investment objectives and goals.
  •  Monitor the level of risk that is appropriate for you and modify the approach due to any changes in your circumstances.
  •  Identify investment opportunities and take advantage of changing economic and market conditions on your behalf.
  •  Diversify your portfolio and manage investment risk to achieve your financial objectives.
  •  Provide reporting to you on the performance of the model portfolios through LGT’s factsheets and ongoing communications.
  •  LGT will facilitate the buying and selling of funds on your behalf.

How we work with you, our US-connected client
At Beacon, we always take the time to get to know you and your future plans before recommending investments. Once we have agreed on your Financial Plan, the investment strategy you take is one of the key components in helping you toward your goals and objectives. Should you choose to relocate, we are able to provide you with the stability of continuing your relationship with your dedicated trusted advisor.
We take the time to understand your personal circumstances, including the purpose of your investment, how long you will be investing and how much you would like to invest. We will monitor your investments with LGT on your behalf to ensure they remain suitable. During our annual review meeting, we will provide valuations, performance charts, transaction schedules, and tax packs.

Your Beacon Global Wealth contact

Barry Alexander-Honeyman, Independent Financial Adviser
Barry brings over two decades of experience in Financial Markets and has a strong corporate background, having worked with some of the world’s largest international financial providers such as Prudential, Old Mutual Int, and Praemium. Barry’s knowledge of the International Financial planning space, combined with his Executive Coaching expertise, can offer clients a proactive, collaborative approach to their financial planning and business development needs.


Important information
Beacon Global Wealth Management are not tax experts and due to the complexities of the tax system and your aims and objectives, it is highly advisable that you seek an independent tax opinion. You are fully aware that BGWM are not Tax Advisers and as such cannot be held responsible should the applicable tax authority raise a claim against you for any future taxes. The information on this page does not disclose all the risks and other significant issues related to the investments. Prior to transacting, potential investors should ensure that they have consulted with their financial adviser and fully understand the terms of the investments and any applicable risks. Any views, opinions, or estimates expressed in this document reflect the current views and opinions of Beacon Global Wealth Management, however, these views, opinions, and estimates are subject to change. The value of investment products may go down as well as up and any data on past performance, modeling, or back-testing contained herein is no indication as to future performance. No representation is made as to the reasonableness of the assumptions made within or the accuracy or completeness of any modeling or back-testing. The value of any investment may fluctuate as a result of market changes. The information in this document is not intended to predict actual results and no assurances are given with respect thereto.